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Housekeeping and Maid ServiceYou work hard. You deserve to have a shining iclean home today.
iClean has been cleaning up Albuquerque, NM one house at a time. We provide the cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle your toughest dirt and grime, and leave your home or office bright and shining clean. Because your trust, security, and peace of mind are our priority, we are insured, and bonded for your protection. You’ll get trusted, trained and background checked employees cleaning your home. Now you can relax because your home will be safe and clean; iClean is a dependable company you can trust.

iClean Cleaning Tips

Tip #1-Treat doors with water repellent product

Glass_Original-Treatment-Spray-236x400Keeping shower doors clean and soap free is a challenge, especially with the calcite in our water and unless you know the pros’ secrets, this can be a difficult task. Start by cleaning any mold, mildew or streaks off the glass with a glass cleaner. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ($1) to get into the cracks in textured glass. Scrape off tough buildup with a razor blade. Dry the doors with a cloth.

Treat the doors with  Rain-X ($5 at auto parts stores and home centers). These glass treatments form an invisible film on the glass to increase water repellency, causing water and soap to bead up and run off the glass. (Squeegee off the water after bathing to keep soap scum from building up again.) Spray or wipe on the glass treatment, then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Overspray won’t harm surrounding surfaces. The products repel water for six months.


Tip #2-Ditch the broom

blowerForget the broom—clean out the garage with a leaf blower. It’s fast (about five minutes), you don’t have to move heavy stuff, and you can clean work surfaces and shelves along with the floor. First put away papers or anything else that you don’t want blown away. Open the overhead door. Put on a dust mask, earplugs and safety glasses, then turn on the leaf blower and blow out the dust and debris. Use the leaf blower to get under workbenches and to clean off the benches themselves. If you don’t own a leaf blower, you may be able to use your shop vacuum by connecting the hose to the exhaust port. This cleaning method works great for screen porches, too.


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